Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!

The lead up to your special event features a never-ending to-do list, especially if it’s for your wedding. Hair, makeup, nails — the prep is substantial and last year’s extensive safety measures made the process even more complicated.

No one will blame you if you waited until the last minute to start treating your skin, but as long as you have a week... or a few days... okay, even just the *day* before your special event or wedding, there is still plenty that you (and your trusted esthetician) can do to help you achieve that otherworldly glow.

Getting your complexion in shape is all about using the time you have left before walking down the aisle effectively. If you’re worried that your skin won’t appear the way you want it to in person and in photos, don’t worry — there is still plenty you can do in the days before. Heres some advice on the skin treatments you should invest in even if you’re a procrastinating bride who wants to look like magic in a pinch.


Increase your water intake ASAP! As a general rule, you should aim for about 2 liters a day. Drinking an adequate amount of water can not only increase skin suppleness, smooth out fine lines, alleviate chapped lips, and diminish dark circles, but it can also help with weight loss and improve digestions.


Consistency is the KEY to achieving results. If you want to see positive changes in your skin, you must commit to your skincare routine every AM & PM. I also recommend finding a great skincare professional (ideally at a med-spa so they can get you set up with a medical grade skincare routine as well as recommend facials, lasers and treatments to get you to your desired results.


  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner or micellar cleansing water
  3. Treatment Serum (to target your main skincare concern like, dark spots, pores, acne or wrinkles)
  4. Eye cream
  5. Manual scrub (this step can be done once or twice a week)
  6. Day time moisturizer with SPF (Sun protection is an absolute everyday must! Especially if you’re investing in facials and lasers)
  7. Night time moiturizer/oil (I prefer something more rich like an oil for night time.)



If you only do one treatment before your big day, let it be a HydraFacial. Your skin will love you and you’ll GLOW in your photos. I recommend scheduling these in between your microneedling sessions as they help with the extra exfoliation needed to get rid of that last bit of flakiness caused by the microneedling (the flakiness is a good thing! You’re shedding old skin to let the new glowy skin shine through). If you choose this as your one and only pre-wedding day skin treatment, schedule to have it done 3-4 days before your big day.


Your Makeup Artist will LOVE you for getting your skin dermaplaned before your wedding day. This procedure removes dead skin and ALL peach fuzz so that your makeup glides on like butter and your skin looks velvety smooth. Ideally, you’d get your skin dermaplaned right before your last HyrdaFacial, on the same day. And if you’re wondering, no, your hair will not grow out thicker or darker. Once your hair begins to grow back, it might feel different because the hair was cut straight across, but it’s actually the same texture as it was before and it will grow at the same speed.


3 Months

Time to concentrate on hydration:

Make sure your skin is hydrated, which will give you that glow. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day to tick that 'glow from within' box and use a day serum packed with hyaluronic acid.

Get used to double cleansing: Make sure you are cleansing correctly and thoroughly.

Concentrate on a maintaining a healthy lifestyle:  

Great skin starts on the inside. Sleep, sun exposure, alcohol and sugar can all impact our skin.

6 Weeks

Up your face mask use:

Hit on the perfect hydrating face mask for you? It's time to crank up your pamper time. Use it at least once a week in the run up to your wedding for extra hydration and a fab glow.

Stick to the skincare products you know:

The time for skincare experimentation is officially over. Do not try a new product three to four weeks before the big day. Stick to exactly what you know works well for your skin. Adding a new product only for it to cause last minute irritation

1 Day

Stop using retinol:

Stop using your retinol products three days before the wedding and focus on your favorite hydrating products and ingredients instead. This will reduce the risk of dry skin on the day, which could alter the way your makeup sits on your skin.

By following this skincare timeline and advice, you'll be ready to shine as a radiant bride on your wedding day. Cheers to love, laughter, and luminous skin!